Saturday, January 11, 2020


the man in the trump 2020 t-shirt
in the grocery store

there are white power groups
putting up fliers on 86th street in brooklyn

and a banner that hangs
over the rush hour traffic on the BQE
that says, protect white jobs

the politicians are on twitter talking politician talk

they hold rallies with people screaming
this is what democracy looks like!

they write things like
hate has no place in this neighborhood

but all i can think
is that they obviously
don’t drink in the bars down here

the man in the trump 2020 t-shirt
in the grocery store
…he knows the score though

he can walk like a proud peacock
up and down the aisles of this place

grabbing his pasta
and his cans of green beans

trump’s salivating, moron fascist face on his chest

with the words get over it, snowflake
written in big block letters

and no one will say shit to him
because this ain’t manhattan

he can give the arab girls a once over on the street
so that they know what’s what

he can go on twitter and tells those politicians
that they’re the ones
putting up those white power banners
the ones hanging up all of those signs

yeah, they did all of this to make the neighborhood look bad

because nothing is real
everything else is fake news

and he can take himself to his local bar
where everyone knows what a stand-up guy he is

a local fixture
a regular joe

and he can tell his jew jokes
without anyone giving him shit

get himself a couple of laughs

bitch about the muslims, the mexicans
and the blacks all moving in around him

telling anyone who’ll listen
about how his girl is always on the rag

that the politicians down here
don’t know shit about shit

or even what time it is.

--John Grochalski

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