Sunday, January 19, 2020


homeless quilt

the cops are smiling
on facebook

beefy knuckleheads
who haven’t read a book
except to throw one at you
for some trumped-up bullshit

they are holding up
a group of taped together cardboard signs

a homeless “quilt” they call it in their post

signs they took from people
panhandling on the streets

one sign says

need help
thank you &
god bless

another says

trying to make it
anything helps
god bless

there are seven to eight more like it
all bunched together

and the cops in the picture
are smiling their cops smiles
while dressed in their little cop uniforms

they look well-fed
like they’ve never missed a meal

never not had a roof over their heads
or someone else to wipe their asses

or been stuck on the street
any longer than it takes
to order a cup of coffee

catch their little cop reflection
in a rearview mirror

before marching off to hassle
another broken someone

whom america has gone
and yet again let down.

--John Grochalski


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