Monday, January 20, 2020


Three years....a little reminder of where we are as a nation:

Moscow Mitch’s Kangaroo Court

Pelosi pounded Senate Republicans for wanting to forgo witnesses and other evidence in trial. “Documentation, witnesses, facts, truth, that is what they're afraid of,” she said.

“Kangaroo court: any crudely or irregularly operated court, especially one so controlled as to render a fair trial impossible.”—

The senate majority leader boasts,
I’m not an impartial juror,”
vows coordination with White House lawyers
to cover up corruption, obstruction, treason.

Alt-right Faux News cultists
confuse literacy with liberalism,
rage and defame, pollute social media
with simplistic propaganda.

Republican senators stonewall,
commit to quick impeachment acquittal.
Adderall-addicted Pretender-in-chief
sniffs, rambles, unravels.

At rallies across a divided country,
frustrated constituents demand justice,
promise to bring a blue wave in November,
cleanse Washington’s fouled Augean stable.

 --Jennifer Lagier 

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