Wednesday, January 1, 2020


the new year, whatever, etc.

slits on the pinky fingers
sculptures of flesh and blood
carved on the big toe
the back a twisted lump of flesh
throbbing on the dirty couch
humanity stumbling up the sidewalk
like the blind and the damned
sick sunday
wind howling down the hell street
salt stains on ruined pants
cholesterol soaking the refrigerator
dead cars on dead blocks
music choking the city air
black and blue sauce stains on the oven
sad chest
sore arms
bags under the old eyes
gray hair swaying in a stale breeze
pale flesh
slugging it out another 365 to be exact
ancient stretch marks
pubic hair like and old man’s beard
broken elbows
wrinkled kneecaps
brown stains on yellow teeth
the scars of childhood littering my legs
rejected poems
inside a rejected drawer
the dresser in pieces on the bedroom floor
packing tape keeping the kitchen together
piece by broken piece
clogged sinks
clogged drains
a toilet forever stained with the years
the television on mute
playing war after war after war
the blinds broken and separating
letting in the light
the racist game show host rapist president
on twitter
telling me
happy new year
goddamn him, i think
goddamn him to hell.                                      

--John Grochalski

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