Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Anti-Trump Abecedarian

A’s for America; Trump said he fenced us.
B is for Borders; they’re now closed against us.

C’s for Corona, a global pandemic.
D is for Don, whose response is alchemic.

E’s the Election he’s slated to lose…
F: … in the polls he decries as Fake News.

G is for Government, formed to protect us.
H: for hydroxy, his scam to inject us.

I’s for Ivanka, her daddy’s wee pet.
J is for Junior, who’s starting to sweat.

K is for Kushner, whose job is nepotic.
L is for Lies, in a reign that’s chaotic.

M’s for Melania who looks like an alien.
N is for “Nasty,” or female mammalian.

O’s for Obama, who makes Don feel small.
P is for Putin, who wants us to fall.

Q is for Questions, which make Don shit bricks.
R is for Rallies, where he gets his fix.

S for the SATs, cheated at school.
T is for Tweets and a Twittering fool.

U is Ukraine, that Don tried to extort.
V is the Voting he’s hoping to thwart.

W: “Winners,” so selfish and shrill.
X is for right-wing eXtremists, who kill.

You Trumps and your gang call yourselves Zillionaires.
And you’ll all go to prison, and nobody cares.

--Cheryl Caesar  

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