Sunday, October 4, 2020


In the Here and Now

The Earth lies in the love of the astral void
Above her body is a cloudless pane and starry veil
Holding to her breast both the dark and light
Close to the land beneath the skies.
Thus softened in her tender sight
Loathing the fierce destruction that hate tries.
One shout the more, one kindness less
That diminishes the named and nameless state
Where any person seeks their peace
And where insecurity and self doubt
That builds the mountains of anxiety
Should begin to decrease, and cease.
And in the place voided by negativity and blight,
Should dwell peace and light
And on the landscape of the Earth
Should dwell a calm so soft, so eloquent,
And every human face and body showing radiance
And halos, a should of love envelopment.
The ease of cares, and nurtured by the Earth,
By existence, should be the one and only

--Jennifer Lemming

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