Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Lest We Forget

“One becomes stupid when they abdicate their will over to an ideology or collective; while they retain their intellect, their will to think independently, and to question their beliefs, is forfeited.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Execution by hanging, April 09, 1945, Flossenbürg concentration camp, Nazi Germany

Lest we forget the fascist authoritarian assclown
Advocates the rule of force
Over the rule of law,
An eye for an eye,

Lest we forget Herr Trump
Claimed there were some “fine people”
Among the neo-Nazis and other
White supremacists marching
Through the University of Virginia campus
Chanting “Blood and Soil,
Jews will not replace us.”

Lest we forget the malignant narcissist
Is keeping COVID-19 great,
A barbaric figure of 202,000+ deaths currently,
Claiming he takes no responsibility for it.

Lest we forget Trump’s MAGA party
Of white nationalists
Will do anything to win the election,
Even incite murder and mayhem.

As the western states suffer from fire and smoke
In the Disunited States
And the anti-science orange-faced liar
Tells scientists “It will cool down”
Not even a pandemic
Can bring the citizenry together.

What could possibly
Reunite the Disunited States of America
As our failed state empire decays
From willful ignorance and stupidity,
A mindset owned by many of the masses?

--Victor Henry


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