Thursday, October 8, 2020


Walk of Shame


Today you were caught.

The paparazzi snapped

their cameras with each step.


The ongoing affair you had

and declared a hoax

for nearly a year,


which you denied

publicly was met with

the hard truth.  Lying


Comes easily to you

just as you touted snake oil

cures just as you hopped


from bed to bed, less

a desire to fill the deep

emptiness where love


Belongs but as a mirror

of you power.  You

were accustomed to money


solving such problems by

paying off your former

wives and mistresses


In exchange they would

Remain silent. This Is why

the country is in a fever


to see you walk to Air Force 1

As you wear a mask and your last

night’s presidential uniform


Your head bowed

reluctantly waving to

the witnesses, to the word.


Where you finally acknowledge

The coronavirus is

A cruel, vengeful mistress.  

--Tom Lagasse

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