Thursday, August 21, 2008

back to life

well....that was awesome. eight straight days off from work. i slept. i drank. i saw a lot of movies. i bought shit. i witnessed bar fights. i never changed my clothes, except for the essentials. i engaged in legal adult behavior. i had others cook for me. half way through i forgot i even had a job to go back to. but, alas, it's over. i'm back. had too much last day of vacation fun because i think i woke up still drunk this morning. in fact, i know so, because i'm coming down now....and it kind of sucks.

so awhile ago on this blog, i mentioned a blog that i could not stand but i have been reading for quite some time. it's this "chica" (her word, not mine) who is the living embodiment of the Stuff White People Like blog. Well, recently i made a boo boo, so to speak. i took an unkind view of one of her entries in which said chica and her chico took in a free show at a county fair. she proceeded to use her blog space to mock both the poor and overweight people who attended the fair, and even suggested there shouldn't be free music shows at fairs, so as to not entice these kind of people to go. well, that entry bothered me. i mean i typically go to the blog simply to read chica's heartwarming stories about teaching ESL people to read and write, to get the latest on over-priced wine, to find out what books and music are disgustingly trendy, and what brand new, shitty, no one would eat this vegan food, is out there.

i'm getting ahead of myself here. the real boo boo in this is that i left a couple of nasty comments, aimed toward chica's likes and lifestyle. it was immature, i know. but i was just so angered at this high and mighty bullshit, that the scotch in my morning cereal overtook the nutrients i was getting, and the next thing i knew i was online again, masturbating to porn, and THEN writing these anonymous posts. I felt so dirty afterwards, and not because i was accidentally on a tranny porn site, but because i don't usually react so badly. i mean i could've gone on forever, reading about vegan pot roasts and the latest in sub-canadian ice wine. but i fucked it up----or should i say someone fucked it up for me.

it's cool. i mean i left the posts anonymously, but it only took chica a few days to figure it out. in truth, she asked around, and someone gave me up because i've either said something dumb about her blog in the past, or people other than my mom and my wife are reading this blog oh....and person....i know who you are and that you ratted me out. and i was initially mad. i called you a whore. but, see, now i've got this tit for tat going with Chica on her blog (although she won't post my comments), and i'm kind of enjoying it. it's been a long time since i've done something as immature as argue with someone over such pointlessness. i'm usually too serious. so, dear ratter, in the immortal words of 2pac, "i ain't madatcha" no more. i'm glad you ratted me out because you've opened up a new level of fun for me, at least for a few days.

yeah, i know. i sprung this whole battle thing on you guys, and then have decided to bail out, because frankly, it's no longer fun reading chica's blog, with this hanging over me. i mean she gets the fun of updating stuff about me. and while she's right on most accounts (baring the whole phone call thing, and the holier than thou with staff--true, i did fucking hate nearly every customer that came in the store)i don't feel i'm getting my side in. but it's her fucking show...and this one is mine.

you know, i didn't plan on giving her blog any face time, but i don't think i should be the only person to enjoy such prose about vegan dishes and trendy shit, so here is chica's blog address, along with some other's that i really actually do enjoy: (the post about me is called Inspector Johnson from August 18th) (this is Chris O'shea's Blog. It's often funny. It's often Hilarious. And he doesn't make any vegan food). (it's about baseball cards because baseball cards are fucking awesome).

okay--back to the poems tomorrow.

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