Saturday, August 2, 2008

BONUS poem of the day 08.02.08

coffee pot

like everything else
i’ve taken down
through a subtle lack
of concern
i think i’ve given it
to the coffee pot
the worst.
i’ve gone through
three of them here
in this apartment
in just a year.
the first one
i moved in with it
having a good coat
of mold.
it had to go.
the second was easy.
i was drunk
and i broke the thing.
this third one
was going the route
of mold again
because i can’t drink
coffee in the summer.
but this morning
with the gray sky
and thoughts about the fall,
i suddenly wanted
a cup.
but, christ, the pot was a mess.
green mold
black mold
white frosty mold
old food and grease stuck
to the sides.
but i was feeling benevolent.
i decided to clean the pot
but i nearly broke the fucker
a small rubber piece fell off
and hit the kitchen floor.
it mixed with the splatters
of old sauce
and cat food and cat fur
and dehydrated vegetables.
luckily i found the piece right
in the center
of a dustball.
i picked it up and cleaned it good.
now, i’m sitting here
and can smell the coffee
brewing in the other room.
it is a comforting smell.
i feel like i’ve done something
next i plan on tackling the huge mounds
of clothing
the stacks of books
and the random sheets of paper
all over the floor.
then i’m right on it with world hunger
the gas and heating crisis
the national debt
and the wars in iraq and afghanistan.


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