Monday, August 25, 2008

Poem of the Day 08.25.08


she’d ripped my heart out
left me alone for days
wouldn’t put out
unless she needed it
only stayed for a beer
to watch me suffer.
when we ended
she told me she’d already
started seeing someone else.
and then months
rolled by
and i was leaving for a
trip to maryland
when she called me
out of the blue
to thank me for sending back
her topless modeling photo.
she said it was good to hear
my voice
and that she needed a favor.
she knew i’d just moved
and had a lot of empty boxes
and could she have them
because she was moving too.
she said she’d come by
and get them
and we’d shoot the breeze
like old times.
i told her fine
then got off the phone
to get the boxes
and then a couple of
six packs.
but she never showed
so i drank the six packs
and put the boxes outside
in the new fall rain.
then i went to bed
thinking what a stupid
lovesick fool
i’ve always been.

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