Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TV or not TV

There are some good reasons that I don't have television: reality TV, network pap, MTV and Vh1; Fox News and CNN, and suffering the Olympics. Those are some good reasons. Another good reason is that i do not have television during an election year. what am trying to say is that i haven't been glued to the goings on in Denver this week while dinners burn, and my cats go hungry. I know that i would be if i had television. i know this because of how much DNC coverage i've been reading about in my various news sources since Sunday (Ny Times, NY Daily News, Yahoo!,

Let me first say Well Played Mrs. Clinton. you did a good job of convincing most of us that you are actually pulling for Barack Obama in this election, even though you are probably still seething about not being able to make Bubba decorate the White House and move back in with you so that you can keep an eye on him, as well as the goings on in Iran, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever else our dick is landing these days. That said, let me send a message to your ardent supporters, you know, these PUMA fuckers, the ones who will vote Hillary or nobody, or vote McCain.....GROW THE FUCK UP.

As devout supporters of Hillary 08, as first wave feminists, do you really WANT to see a white house with John, i get to pick a Supreme Court Judge and am staunchly prolife, McCain running things for four years. Is this really what it's come down to? Shout sexism all you want in terms of Hillary, and you may be right. This is America after all. Hell, i even laugh a little bit when i see posters for the WNBA. but i don't believe Hilary not getting the nod in Denver has anything to do with sexism. It might have a lot more to do with the pervasiveness of the Clinton's private life. It might have a lot to do with Hilary and Bubba, along with the Bush family, being springboards for the state of divisive politics in America these near 20 years. But it certainly isn't about your candidate sitting down to pee. So have your roll call, and get it over with, and get on board with your presidential candidate. Same goes for you bubba. you had your time. down here it's our time.

Baseball: where to begin. so long Pirates, and hey, Yankees, welcome to the non-october party that i've been coming to since 1992. i remember when the pirates making trades seemed like pieces of the puzzle coming together. like back in 1986-1988 when guys like Tony Pena, Johnny Ray, and a few others that suffered early 80's baseball in the Steel City, were traded for players to helped shape the pennant running buccos from 1990-1992. Why do i not feel this way about the Nady, Marte, Bay business that still hits me like an uppercut to the jaw. And now I'm nearly sure Jack Wilson will be another Pittsburgh casualty of constant rebuilding. Remember when Jack was a part of the last youth movement? personally i think the Buccos should be sewing a black and gold C to Wilson's jersey instead of shopping him around. You can have youth movement's but you still need team leaders. Who do we have now...Adam LaRoache? When i see LaRoache, all i do is wish Steve Pearce could play first base or that the Pirates plan to turn Pedro "6 million and i'll be gone by 2015" Alvarez into a 1 bagger.

as always my pennant hopes rest on the small markets. you can keep the Red Sox, LAA's, and both Chicago clubs: Personally i'd like to see Tampa Bay and Milwaukee in the series. And that's not jumping on the bandwagon. I remember telling my wife back in April when we saw the Rays play the Yankees that the Rays were gonna surprise a lot of people this year. And they have. So have the Twins...another team i'm pulling for.

Am also anxious for the NFL this year. Don't know why, but I've slowly gotten back into the sport the last few years, even without the TV. even bought some Topps 2008 FB cards. Yeah, i got Big Ben in my first pack. Even have my handy NFL schedule at home. Steelers got 4 prime time games this year and one against the Giants. that's a lot of cash my local tavern will be getting from me.

Makes me almost want to get TV back

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