Saturday, August 9, 2008

poem of the day 08.09.08

all the beauty in new york

standing at a red light
in the snob section of brooklyn
i grab a free weekly rag
and see that someone has tapped
a drawing of beethoven
on the door.
then the light changes
and a beautiful blonde passes me,
a redhead with a great ass
arm and arm with a muscle-bound
guy with gelled hair
perfect stubble, pecks,
and a t-shirt that reads “welcome
to the gun show” with arrows
pointing at both biceps.
shit, i think,
no one is ugly in new york city.
and when you think that
you must then realize that you,
my friend, are most probably
the ugly one.
and i laugh at this.
i shrug and hum some of beethoven’s 9th
and i move down the block
to the next red light
passing a brunette with fantastic tits
walking her dog
as she picks at a bagel with light cream cheese
and talks to a male model
who’s on his cell phone
talking to someone else
who probably won’t be breaking
any mirrors
anytime soon.

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