Thursday, October 7, 2010

Outsider Writers Collective

Hello all,

I have five poems up over at the Outsider Writers Collective
and Press website. Thank you to Jessica Smith for her
wonderful work and kind words on the site.

....the picture is me in Paris....where i one day long to be
for good.


Anonymous said...

well look at you mr fancy pants.. pictured in gay paree, 5 poems on one day.. zang are HOT!!

Seriously, congrats!!!!

John Grochalski said...

Lynne...thank you. i think this makes up for the last 2 1/2 months of editors telling me to go and fuck myself.

stephanie clara said...

Please tell me, curiousity is killing me...
On the picture, are you holding a bottle of red french wine in you hand or not?



John Grochalski said...

stephanie...the picture on OWC or the one on the blog? I'm in Paris in the one on OWC...dont know if i'm holding wine...but I was probably drinking it. the one on the blog was taken in a bar in Bay Ridge, brooklyn. I was most probably holding a Miller Light.