Saturday, October 30, 2010

poem of the day 10.30.10

here's my version of a scary poem.
happy early halloween

bad feng shui

this hotel room has
bad feng shui, she says

how do you figure?

well, the bathroom mirror
reflects off of the room mirror
which just creates
this really creepy effect

she shuts off the lights
and shows me

there is an eerie glare
but not too bad

that’s nothing, i tell her
after she turns the light back on

the hallway is worse, i say
it’s just one circle
you can’t even tell
what room you’re in
if you’ve been drinking

so is the stairwell, she says
i got scared just getting us
a bucket of ice

this hotel is pricy
but we got a deal, i say

they can’t decorate
it’s like being
in the shining here


it’ll be all right
it’s just for sleeping
and drinking, i say

the mirrors kept waking me up
last night, she says

the bad feng shui?


we have more scotch
then she gets the light again

we get into bed
with the noise machine going
and the lights of san diego coming
faintly through the hotel window

in a few moments
i hear her snoring peacefully

i look at the mirror
reflecting the other mirror
making golden ghosts on the wall

then i see shadows underneath
the doorway

hear voices moaning over the din
of the machine

and i turn over
huddle into the sheets
and think


the happy people of california
have sent us here
to san diego
to finally do me in

so i get up out of bed
and run to the door
i open it but the hallway is empty

there is an envelope
on the ground
i pick it up
and take it back into the room

i open it up

it’s a bill for the hotel parking

the motherfuckers charged us
sixteen dollars a night
instead of the quoted twelve.


Craig said...

If you stay up late enough they always shove those bills under the door.... If your lucky you get a free newspaper in the morning

meitha sorkotjo said...

quite long time not read your poem, John.
really a bad feng shui hotel room there.
scary me.

John Grochalski said...

craig...yes, but unfortunately it's the USA today.

Anonymous said...

Something spooky about the bill under the door in the middle of the night.. I picture you opening the door...real fast like.. and ole Jack (from The Shining) smiling at ya.. Boo!!!

great poem ...