Saturday, October 23, 2010

poem of the day 10.23.10

kindness of the sunshine people

the kindness of the sunshine people
is surprising at first
hellos for no reason at all
as you walk down the street
they surprise you with a salutation
while you are tying your shoes
while your back is turned
or going to the car at six in the morning
to get your wife an aspirin
they ask you how you are
the sunshine people
they seem like they really want to know

the kindness of the sunshine people
is an odd thing
they leave polite notes underneath your door
they give instead of take
they tell you not to hurry with your meal
ask you if you want another drink
if you slept okay
the sunshine people are forever smiling
opening up curtains and doors
and thick bottles of red wine
it makes you wonder if they are happy
or just blinded by the sun

the sunshine people do not mind
waiting in line or sitting in traffic

the kindness of the sunshine people
can linger like a fart
it can bring you down on a lost afternoon
on the boulevard
you wonder what there is to be so kind about
so full of joy and happiness
you wonder if it is a west coast thing
the kindness of the sunshine people
as you walk briskly down a palm-laden path
thinking how badly you need
to get back to new york city

before the kindness of the sunshine people
perverts you
sucks you in
before your stumbling zombie-like
down the boulevards
smiling at everyone
telling them to have a nice day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm a sunshine (Fla) person.. and i see the difference b/t cold-climate folks and us.. but lets be real, i ain't always suzy

great poem..