Thursday, October 7, 2010

pem of the day 10.07.10

puppy love

she lived three doors
down from me
maybe we were 4 or 5 respectfully
but we did everything together
her home smelled like pot
we went to parks and museums
swam in the city pool
her mother was a teacher
and an amateur photographer
she used to take pictures of us
in black and white

one day one
of the neighborhood boys
showed her his penis
not to be outdone
when she came into my house
i streaked across the living room
holding my orange trunks
my little cock flapping in the breeze

she didn’t like icing on her cake either

then her family moved to california
mine moved to west virginia
then all over a single pittsburgh suburb

it was years later
that our families reconnected
we were 11 or 12 respectfully
when they showed up
i was alone in my bedroom listening
to madonna and prince cassette tapes
but i could see her from my window
beautiful and tan and blonde
from all of that california sun
where i had grown sullen and fat
for a variety of reasons

i decided to stay in my room that day

but then there was a knock on my door
it was her
she wanted to come in
and listen to madonna and prince
on cassette tape

i had no choice

i let her in
and once again
she was beautiful and tan and blonde
i could tell by the look on her face
that she thought i was an unholy beast

we sat in silence listening to the music

minutes later there was another knock
on my door
it was my friend, mitchell
he was beautiful and porcelain and dark haired
the two of them sat with me
and listened to the music
they made eyes at each other
and soon they were talking about california
and many other things

while i sat there in silence
on the corner of my bed

never getting to ask her what she’d
remembered most about the past.

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