Friday, October 22, 2010

poem of the day 10.22.10

drinking beers outside of linda king’s home

drinking beers outside of linda king’s home
we are touring the history of bukowski’s los angeles
driving insane boulevards
that all look the same in the glare of the western sun

if you don’t know
linda king was bukowski’s girlfriend
at one point in his timeline

drinking beers outside of linda king’s home
ones that we bought at the pink elephant liquor
on north western evenue
just a stone’s throw from hank’s old place on de longpre

we are in silver lake or maybe still in hollywood

i really don’t know anymore

drinking beers outside of linda king’s home
i try to think up something literary
but, as usual, i can’t
i tell my wife about how linda almost
ran over hank with her car
because he was talking to another woman

my wife tells me to keep the beer low
because we are in a rental car

i nod a haiku
finish the can of miller lite
and shove the beer under my seat

it is the best poem that i can come up with

drinking beer outside of linda king’s home
checking the map for the next historic destination
as birds chirp and dogs bark
in the sunny sun sun of sunny southern California


Anonymous said...

Lucky.. i actually wrote a poem stating I was supposed to be his

thanks for the, where is my beer?

John Grochalski said...

Lynne....i swore off beer. but, obviously i failed at not drinking for a month. that said, i have scotch and wine here.

bandit said...

Haiku's better'n nuthin'! (or not?)

Unknown said...