Friday, October 29, 2010

poem of the day 10.29.10

sorry...sick day yesterday. and you all know jobs.
if you're off sick and they see you went online, it gets
them all red in the face, even in this era of laptops
where one could be running a 100 degree fever and still
lay on the couch with a computer...but....

waiting on the world

waiting on the world
which is as dead as yesterday
i think
i must be a fool
waiting on the world
as crusty as old underwear
as useless as an empty bottle of wine
as dull as the nightly news
as dim as a bar
as pointless as god
as wretched as humanity
as asinine as the political machine
as common as hunger
as futile as knowledge
as worthless as a college degree
as fleeting as benevolence
waiting on the world
as aching as an arthritic knee
as hapless as a comedian
as dead as yesterday
as rotten as a fresh corpse
i think
i must be a fool
waiting on the world
still to shine
like a fucking rainbow
after a bright morning shower.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well I would say you wrapped that up nicely..
waiting on the world to change (accoring to Mr John Meyer)..change into what?

I like this alot.. you talk about my lines, I want all of these even the crusty underwear (not that mine