Wednesday, October 10, 2012

poem of the day 10.10.12

a pretty good life

i’ll admit
there are days that exist
just to get the drink
days where i wander around the city
checking my watch
waiting for the bars to open
movies that i half-watch
just to get to the wine
and conversations that i speed through
to get the next round of beer
nights where i sit on the couch
and just drink and drink and drink
doing nothing else in the process
at times i’ll stop to consider this
wonder if i’m doing it all wrong
selling myself short
and not living my life to the fullest
but then i see people
walking down the street
stone sober and shouting into
their cell phones
or see these grim faced zombies
pushing a baby carriage
down the block
so helpless and sad
that i tell myself
don’t worry about it
because next to those people
you’re living
a pretty good life.


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