Friday, October 19, 2012

poem of the day 10.19.12

i’d rather
     --in memory of amanda todd

i’d rather a painter over a poet
i’d rather feast over famine

i’d rather the cold and the gray
or the sunshine from inside a darkened bar

i’d rather a cat to a dog
and the winter over the summer

i’d rather your love forever over the years of wasted sperm
spent on pipe dreams

i’d rather nothing over omnipotence
rather batman over jesus to try and come be my savior

i’d rather a war of words over guns and blood and god

i’d rather kill a day instead of myself

i’d rather wait than react
but nobody is perfect

i’d rather a technological void of constant darkness than read about
another goddamned kid committing suicide
over facebook fallacies

i’d rather get through it and move on

i’d rather you were on this earth right now, amanda
to see the rain fall in the morning

i’d rather wine over beer
but scotch always

i’d rather my pizza plain
and my women come with extra toppings
in the brain rather than in the chest or ass

but i’d rather say mankind over humankind
because i’m creature of habit

i’d rather a democrat over a republican
but that’s mostly semantics these days
to be honest i’d rather not vote

i’d rather candles over lamps
and would rather be a jack to a king
because i’ve always played the fool much better

i’d rather ala carte than what’s on the menu

i’d rather van gogh over a bloody ear and wheat fields

i’d rather the white of peace
instead of the red, the white, and the blue

i’d rather not talk about it most of the time

i’d rather a job than unemployment
but just slightly

i’d rather london in the fall
paris in the spring
and madrid in the summer
over new york city shouting in my ear

i’d rather the reality instead of the myth
and paper over plastic

i’d rather cash or charge than use a code

i’d rather children be seen and not heard

i’d rather another opinion than my own
because i’m looking for something new to reject

i’d rather be three up on the world
than be the only sober guy in the room

i’d rather skip thanksgiving and christmas

i’d rather beethoven over bach
and coltrane over this infinite sadness

i’d rather the cd over vinyl
and the mp3 just go away

i’d rather the 20th century
and i’d rather your cell phone up your ass
than attached to your mouth

i’d rather be left alone than join the crowd

i’d rather bleed the years in obscurity than sell my soul

and i’d rather drink alone, my love,
when it get like this inside



Óscar Varona said...

I'm just clapping my hands right now (even I'd rather vinyl than cd) Great. Simply GREAT!!!

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

I'm seconding,óscar,this is fucking great ... your amazing.


John Grochalski said...

thank you, kind gentlemen.