Monday, October 22, 2012

poem of the day 10.22.12

erik satie

this guy at the end of the bar
wants to talk about erik satie
on new year’s day

doesn’t he understand
that we have to get through
another 365 of these?

366 this year

and i think the person
who invented the leap year
should’ve been hanged

but there’s probably
a statue to him somewhere in europe

still this guy at the end of the bar
is going on about satie
because someone played satie in this joint

just in case
you don’t know who erik satie is
well, he’s a musican
and he knew debussy and ravel

i’d read somewhere
that picasso banged one of his women

i like to put a little bit of satie on
on sunday night, when i’m drunk on red wine
and suicidal about the coming work week

and this guy is telling anyone who will listen
what a genius satie was
how the music satie made
people are still trying to figure out

this guy at the end of the bar
is a musician and a dj

(of course he is)

he probably loves a leap year
because it gives him one more day
to infect someone with his bullshit

and he says that when
he’s jamming with others
he’ll drop a little bit of satie on them
and just blow them away

he tells the bartender
that no other pop or rock musician has ever
caught on to the brilliance of erik satie

except steve hackett, i say
of genesis

this guy at the end of the bar
looks at me as if i just pissed in his beer

i forgot about him, he finally says

then we are all silent
as erik satie gives way
to a chuck berry song

and i think
that this might not be
such a long year

after all.


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