Tuesday, October 23, 2012

poem of the day 10.23.12

boy or girl

the little girl comes up to me
but she keeps backing away

she has one of those
coy looks on her face
that make it impossible for me to like children

but i smile at her anyway
as the child parks her ass
on the seat across from me

she has a coloring book
or some shit like that

something to keep her docile and occupied
while her mother tries to get through the life
that they’ve shackled each other to

the child stares at me
making me uncomfortable and mad

i think to throw something at her
but my co-worker is sitting next to me
making goo-goo eyes at the child

so i keep my cool

finally the little urchin speaks

boy or girl, she says
pointing at my long hair

neither, i tell the mouth breather

and she gives me
one of those incredulous looks
that only a precious crotch dropping can give

when trying to work something out
in its small, feeble mind

he’s a boy, my co-worker chimes in
but it’s too late for this confused little rag doll
she gets off of the chair
and races over to tug on the hem of her mother’s dress

staring back at me with her swollen eyes
i wink at the little brat
hoping maybe that’ll fix her confusion
for a few more years

when my co-worker turns to me
and says

you really don’t like anyone
but yourself
do you?                                   

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