Tuesday, October 16, 2012

poem of the day 10.16.12

warm watermelons

i'm sorry
i was really frustrated this morning
because of how long
it took me to get out the apartment
this ocd bullshit kills
i was hungover for the first time in weeks
and this month is really gnawing at the bit

i'm really sorry, babe
maybe you should just go to work
and let me do this closing business alone
that way we don’t end up shouting
and yelling like we did

by the way
i didn't leave you on the street
you know i’m like general macarthur
i always come back
i went and got the watermelon for you
and the quarters for the laundry
but that bitch clerk at the grocery
took forever again 
and i missed you at the bagel shop

so i wandered the streets
in the heat and humidity
looking for you

i wanted to apologize back then
for all of the shouting and insanity

only you were gone

so i'm here at work now writing this email
with a container full of warm watermelon sitting next to me

feeling like shit

hoping you’ll write me back
when you get there

telling me that everything is all right

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