Tuesday, October 30, 2012

poem of the day 10.30.12

a portrait of our future leaders
as young men

we have a black president now
but i fear we’ll one day go back
to the good ole boys club
of gray-faced white men in charge

you can already kind of see them regrouping
with racist bumper stickers
and on the television talking about taking their country back

where it went i have no idea

they think they have more at stake than everyone else
because it’s hard being in power for so long
and then suddenly taking it on the chin

you forget how to share

like these asshole jocks
sitting in this fancy little bar, watching soccer

they’re as white as ghosts
and probably just as scared at losing their inheritance

they keep talking about their plan for america
and calling each other bro
while they high-five
and bet each other which of their fraternities
will look best on the old resume

one wants to be a lawyer
and the other wants to become my future congressmen

they are perfect and muscled and wealthy
but will probably succeed because of a lucky DNA strand

i’m sure one day i’ll turn on my television
and one or both of these privileged pricks
will be staring back at me, smiling

with one arm draped around his dull blonde wife
and the other draped around his dull blonde kids

this country safe and secure
for every lily-livered, untaxed white motherfucker
who thinks that they came over on a boat
and founded this societal abomination

this country cooked and goddamned
for everyone else

the progression of life thrust back into the stone age 
from toxic sea to shining toxic sea.


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