Friday, July 5, 2013

poem of the day 07.05.13

management training

she tells me
you gotta watch these kids
once they hit a certain age
they don’t wanna work

i look at her
she looks like a toad
and before this she’d been talking my ear off
about parking

maybe the kids have it figured out already
and we’re the fools, i tell her

she frowns at me
her mouth looks like a shit smear
spilling down her three chins

kids these days
have no responsibility, she says
you have to enforce it

like hell, i think
looking at the gray stain on her blouse

we’ll be fine, i say

you can’t think that, she tells me
they’ll walk all over you with that attitude
trust me
these kids are looking for nothing but an excuse
to screw around

aren’t we all? i say

i take my job very seriously, she says

someone has to

she squints at me
what did you say your title was again?

casual overlord, i tell her

she slams down her papers
and looks outside at the rain

while i sit there thinking

well, we’re either done here
or now she wants to talk about the weather.


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