Friday, July 19, 2013

poem of the day 07.19.13

and he says (part two)

and he says
you know the chinese
are taking over everything, right?

they basically own nicaragua
they love them there

the nicaraguans are letting the chinese
build a canal
so no one has to use ours anymore

and i say nothing

africa loves the chinese too
you know why don’t you?

diamonds, i guess

and he says

the chinese can’t get enough of that shit

and i say
right, right, all of the dead elephants

the chinese are killing them
or else they’re paying someone to

and he says
look around your country
the chinese are taking over america too

crowding our private schools
and our good universities

we have good universities in america? i say

and he says
what are you nuts?
a communist?
america has the best education system in the world

and the chinese are taking it over
because they want to rule the world

and i look at my co-worker who is chinese

she’s twenty-one years-old
she lost her dad when she was a kid
her mom just died back in february

she goes to school full-time
and every bit of money that she gets from this job
goes in the pocket of the insomniac grandmother
who keeps her up all night

she’s not trying to rule anything
but just get by like your average american

and he says
pretty soon they’ll be so many of them
that poor white kids will have to marry some chinese

it’ll be like an arranged marriage

everyone will be melted together
and you won’t be able to tell chinese from white
from black from indian from nobody

and i think
i know more chinese people and black people
than i do white people at this point in my life

the only people who’ve ever been cruel to me
were white people
so i don’t care if we all end up blue
with silver antennas

and he says
but look up that thing on nicaragua
some time when you get the chance

use the internet, kid
if you know how

because that’s where i get my information from.


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