Thursday, July 18, 2013

poem of the day 07.18.13

and he says

ninety-eight degrees
eighty in this place

this city smells like body odor
rancid food and dog shit

and he says

it ain’t just about
stamp catalogs, kid

there’s a war going on out there
or didn’t you know?

a holy war
christians versus muslims

world war iii

shit, and you don’t
even have a security guard in this place

all these kids
you stupid clueless people
some towel head could come in here right now
and blow this fucking place to smithereens

hell, i’m in here now
i could do it

well, not me
but someone like me with time on his hands
some jew or muslim

brothers in arms to the end
only they keep tearing each other apart
like it’s world war iii, man

and he says

did you know we’re all jewish?
that little black kid on the news
who got himself shot

all of us descended from the twelve tribes of israel

bet you didn’t know that either

and he says

but it ain’t about none of that
because this world is just dirty and sick

and if i find out you people
took those stamp catalogs
and are the ones selling them on ebay
for two bucks a page

i swear to god
i’ll have your jobs so fucking fast
you won’t know what hit you

to which i say

ninety-eight degrees outside
eighty degrees in here

this city smells like body odor
rancid food and dog shit

have mercy on us, sir
please have mercy on the damned.


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