Wednesday, July 10, 2013

poem of the day 07.10.13

drunk and hungry

i check a pan
of breaded chicken
cooking in the oven

our dinner tonight
my lunch tomorrow

when i accidentally knock
the top rack back the other way

almost toppling everything
in the process

burning my forearm
in four places
when i reach to save the food

my pale flesh blisters upon impact

shit, you didn’t even flinch,
my wife says

while i run the arm under cold water

i’m no tough guy, i tell her

i’m just a guy minus
the brains he was born with

a fat drunk
with a hole in his belly
the size of texas

who lacks the stamina
to open up that goddamned

to try and find something else to eat
in this sweltering apartment

that’ll last
for the next two days.

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