Friday, July 12, 2013

poem of the day 07.12.13

virgin at work

everyone knew
that i was the virgin at work

because i was never with a girl
never talked about the girls that i was with
could never answer their questions about girls

because there were no girls

because i was the virgin at work
spending my weekends riding around suburban pittsburgh
with the other losers

searching for girls
trying to talk to girls who wouldn’t give me the time of day
but mostly drinking coffee in the eat’n’park

because i had nothing to offer a girl

maybe there was another virgin at the job
the one kid who could talk about nothing but baseball

even i knew a guy had to talk
about something other than baseball
to get in a girl’s panties

i just didn’t know what

still i was just nineteen
and i’d been working there since seventeen with no action

i felt like a leper in that retail store
full of college aged gigolos

the sales clerk men who talked about
eating out their girlfriends
or fucking downtown club chicks in bathrooms

men who had swagger in a way that i didn’t

mall magicians who could turn a coat sale
into a parking lot hook-up in a matter of minutes

hell, even my boss was getting his
going through a divorce and sleeping on his couch

he could still talk game
about all of the girls that he used to bang in college

plus we all knew that he’d been putting it
to the manager of nine west for months

but i was the virgin at work

you could smell it on me
you could tell by the way i stuttered
around the female clerks

fumbled everything in front of summer chick customers
in tank tops and shorts that rode their ass

all of that young shopping mall ass and i was rendered
mute and impotent

it seemed a ceaseless, lonely existence at that age
being the virgin at work

i even quit that job without having been laid

until two months later
when i fucked my first girlfriend on my bedroom floor
to a boyz ii men cd

that afternoon we took a trip to the mall
and i paraded her around the joint like the homecoming king
at a high school reunion

we hit the old store so that i could show her off
but they’d had a huge turn over in employees

even my old manager was gone

it was a brand new pack of faceless 17-22 year olds

some getting no loving like it had been for me
the others talking about all of the pussy
that they were sure to get

in between selling baseball caps and t-shirts
to gang members coming up from the city.                                 

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