Thursday, July 11, 2013

poem of the day 07.11.13


was a strip club off the boardwalk  in atlantic city

calvin and  i went there after he won
four-hundred bucks on the slots
and we were tired of drinking watered down
drinks in the casino

tired of walking the boardwalk
looking at older women in slut clothing
smoking my cigarettes and taking ritalin pills
that i’d stolen from a guy at work

calvin was tired of spending his winnings
on palm readings and 2pac t-shirts

he said, man, i wanna see some pussy
can you see pussy in a strip club in new jersey?

but i didn’t know
because the strip clubs that i had been to
were in pennsylvania (no pussy)
and west virginia (pussy)

i wasn’t exactly clear on strip laws around the nation
and i considered pussy a nice surprise whenever i saw it

i watched the ocean and the waves crashing
thinking about amanda evarts’ pussy
how calvin had been in love with her for over a year
only i’d been the one fucking her for a month
because i had a room in an apartment building
and calvin still lived at home

plus he was a virgin and going bald at twenty-three
two things that amanda evarts said turned her off

but the women at jezebel’s
didn’t seem to mind calvin’s baldness

especially when he started tossing his money all over the table
buying drinks for me, drinks for him, drinks for the strippers

throwing down a hundred for a lap dance
which they did in a narrow hallway outside the men’s room
with no privacy

just six couches and six guys with their heads back
six strippers bouncing on their laps
or pushing their asses in someone’s face

when calvin was done with his dance
he came shakily around the corner and said, let’s go

so i shot down my drink
and we walked back out into atlantic city

somewhere between jezebel’s and the boardwalk
calvin let slip that he’d come in his pants
in front of all of those strippers and horny men

he asked me not to tell anyone

he only told me because i was such a good friend
despite the whole amanda evarts things

i didn’t tell anyone for twenty-four full hours
until a group of us got plowed on long island ice teas
and i told everyone how calvin came in his pants at jezebel’s

but i told them that only after i’d blabbed on an on
about how good amanda was in bed
how tight her pussy was
and that calvin had no clue what he was missing

and when we came home from atlantic city
not only had calvin blown his slot winnings
but he was down nearly eight hundred dollars of his own

money that he’d been saving for a new car

so i gave him two of my smokes
and bought him a whopper at a burger king outside of philly
before i went to call amanda

thinking had i seen pussy or not in new jersey?

because i just couldn’t remember much
from the couple of nights before
and i still had a hangover from all of those
long island ice teas.                                                       

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