Thursday, August 29, 2013

"best of" poem of the day 08.29.13


hands us our beers
he says
i’m thinking of going
down to the bahamas
for a few days
jet blue has this deal
ninety-five dollar tickets
man, they have
the most beautiful beaches there
white sand
the works
i take my boys down there
every year
they love it
we nod
beaches sound great
the bahamas sound great
with my 90-day layoff notice
stuffed into my bag
it beats watching
the dust settle
on furniture in the apartment
we can no longer afford
my wife looks
at benny’s right hand
it’s bandaged
but there’s an uncovered gash
on his thumb
she says
benny, what happened to your hand?
benny looks at it
then away from us
fell in the bushes
he says
pauses for a second
turns back and says
mona stabbed me twice
we nod again
have more beer
yeah the bahamas sound great


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