Wednesday, August 14, 2013

poem of the day 08.14.13


the young women are hugging
because young women hug
when they haven’t seen each other in a few days

she says i’m leaving on friday

and the other ones eyes bug out
so soon? she says

because i think i’m funny
and think that i can still relate to the youth
i tell the departing girl
hey, you can have my job and i’ll go to college for you

no way, she says
you looked so stressed all of the time

i’m not stressed,  i tell her

you could’ve fooled me

then the young women go back to talking about college
and the things of being young
while i sit there stewing in my gray, aged malaise

with my constant headaches and sour stomach
the neck and back pinches
the constant worries about jobs and bills

trying to convince myself through another bout of heartburn
that i’m not stressed

that feeling like this is normal
and one day those smiling young women will see

but really
i hope that they never feel this way

i hope it’s laughter and hugging and wide-eyed illusions
until they reach the grave

thinking that despite myself
there may be some hope for humanity yet.

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