Monday, August 5, 2013

poem of the day 08.05.13

millennial blues

he says
what separates the kids today from before
is that they seem to lack any and all curiosity
for the world around them

well, this may be true
but more and more the world
seems to lack anything to be curious about
except its own demise

so i try not to place the blame solely on them

because it’s computer games
and war all of the time for everyone now

forty-two ounce sodas and energy drinks
until our hearts swell and burst

as we slip further from the subtle niceties
and the vanguards of the past

although it is good to shed the skin at times
deep down i do wonder what these millennial blues
are really giving us

scattered self-importance?
so much meta that it becomes madness?
this year’s once-in-a-lifetime storm?

emotional impotence by the bucket
as we slide gracelessly into the cacophony
of caterwauling ceaseless opinion and discord 

time will tell, says the fifteen year-old
in the nirvana t-shirt
scanning his phone with his thumb

reading naruto manga books
and tweeting about what an old fart i am

and it makes me want to slap him
for hijacking my nostalgia and being so goddamned unaware

still, a kid like this
could be running the country
by the time i’m shitting myself and mainlining ensure

a whole generation of world leaders
with their heads buried in their cell phones

watching videos of jack-offs on skateboards
getting their nuts smashed on metal poles

bitching about their shitty u.n. lunch
and the piss stain on the prime minister’s pants

as nations burn, burn, burn like neon bar lights
and the rich stick ivory dildos up their ass

while the next generation of picassos
spray paint graffiti
on the flood walls of soon-to-be underwater cities

telling each other how hot and bored
they are with everything

all of the time


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