Tuesday, August 13, 2013

poem of the day 08.13.13

poem to my niece on her second birthday

as you get older
you realize more and more each day
that people are despicable gas bags

and half of what they say is a lie

the other half is nothing but false promises in the rain

the point is, kid
i don’t know your laugh
i don’t know your smile

your eye color is a mystery to me

yet we are bound by so much lackluster bullshit
where do we even get started?

we are time’s cursed gene pool

a walk in the park only in my head
a trip to the zoo that will never happen

hell, i can’t even get your mother to thank me
for your birthday gift

two books and gift card

because that’s what you give
when you don’t know shit about shit

when flesh and blood react like virtual strangers

but i don’t need her thanks
it’s enough right now to know that you’re out there
trying to get by in this world

her false sentiment would only spoil the moment
and i have less and less time for artifice each day

if we’re being honest here
it’s not as though i’ve tried to be in your life

so let’s just say
happy birthday

and get on with this business of living

i hope it’s a good one baby girl
because you’re going to have one hell of a climb
in these families

i’m sure our paths will cross
sooner rather than later

and then we can collide like the cosmos

with you telling me everything
and me taking it all in

like i’m the child in need of loving consultation.


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