Friday, August 16, 2013

poem of the day 08.16.13

poets making fun of other poets

is nothing new
they’ve been doing it for centuries

but now you can see them going to town
on social networking sites or on their shitty blogs

posting links to some poor bastard’s writing
and then picking it apart line by line or as one whole

like they’re maxwell perkins or gordon fucking lish

soon some of the other poets start to join in
and it’s a free-for-all of mediocre word slingers
picking apart some absent bastard’s poem
about slugs or waterfalls or sunsets in cabo

these poets think they’re in the right
because their poems are about tough shit
like being broke or having a horrible job

because some half-assed journal
likes the way that they get it down

but really their poems are no different from ones
about slugs or waterfalls or sunsets in cabo

in most instances they're worse
and read very much like every other poem
in the half-assed journals that they're featured in

but you’d never know it
by the way they go on ripping someone

because these types have the group on their side
the good old boy network of shitty poets
stroking each other’s pricks

or the fanboys who want to get in good
with another pedestrian wordsmith wasting bandwidth

so they pick apart this poor bastard line by line
someone who has been published in as many bad mags as they have

and these poem-dullards think they are so righteous
and so brilliant

the boldest poem-shitters on the planet

but what these asshole don’t know
what they fail to realize
is that art is as subjective as a sunny day

and that there is always someone else around the block
or half-way across the world

whose just made the sad mistake of reading one of their
literary lumps of excrement

and are going on their social networking sites and blogs
to pick their genius apart

starting this sad cycle all over again

or they’re taking the high road this time
and just plain tossing aside the magazine

or flipping off their pcs

staying silently mad at the world
or hungry over the time they lost reading
another worthless piece of art.



Pat Tillett said...

Now that was one of the better rants I've heard in quite a while...

John Grochalski said...

thank you, sir