Friday, October 4, 2013

"before winedrunk" poem of the day 10.04.13

hello all

this last little poem thus ends "before winedrunk" week.
thank you all for putting up with the ancient ramblings of a crappy poet
while i muscled through a ton of revisions this week.  i have a novel due
out entitled, The Librarian.  the main character, Randall Wyndham is featured
in a new short story at Rind Literary Magazine.  The novel is due out in late December.'s a little Pocket Change from 1995 to close out this
"blast from the past."

pocket change

and as broke as america wants
me to be
like allen ginsberg standing on street corners
with only pocket change
eating and drinking my last dollar
in the form of two bagels
and a coffee refill

and still convinced i’ve got pride enough
to care completely for myself
hence the struggling, pulling match with mary
in a clothing store
over a yellow summer shirt
that she wanted to buy for me

and as sick as i’ve been
in the last two years
in a beating sweat on a cold spring day
splattering my last gulp of coffee
on the pavement
and hoping kris collins will round the corner.


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