Monday, October 21, 2013

poem of the day 10.21.13

the right kind of man now

he has done
everything right

he’s moved to the suburbs

he got married to a smart women
out of his league

he found god

quit his job because his wife said so
and started preaching the good word
to impressionable children
and the mentally handicapped

his wife squeezed him out some babies
to complete the picture

they all dress the same at baseball games
and when they go to the zoo

he stopped drinking

puts nothing in his body
harder than lemonade and ice water

he runs marathons to stave off
the frustration of daily life

he’s got a ton of friends

pasty, white suburbanites
in plaid shorts and golf shirts

whose wives look built to procreate
and do little else

people who go to church every sunday
and believe in the fine art of brunch

fifteen to a table

dully smiling and talking
about jesus and the weather
as their kids scream and throw food

he’s got a back lawn
that he’s always going on about

flowers and birds and trees
and a swimming pool full of chlorine

he’s forgotten all about those ten-dollar blow jobs
and tranny whores

vomit nights
and coming in his pants at strip clubs

unless he thinks about them
while he’s scratching his ass
and watering the tulips

he’s the right kind of man now

with an office and a den
a sensible car and a crucifix in every room

he’s against abortion and welfare
thinks the poor should go out and get a job

the walking, talking definition
of the american dream
with 300 channels of nothing on

his favorite book is the bible

and i’ll be damned if he doesn’t sleep with it
under his pillow every night

just in case those temptations
start to rip him away from the good life.


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