Tuesday, October 8, 2013

poem of the day 10.08.13

the world looks like god

i know i’ll probably quit drinking

but for now
i’m pretty fine with it

for there is no other elixir
for dealing with mankind that i’ve found
that works as effectively as drink

and regardless
of the buckets of poison
that i pour into my gut

i’d take the ritually soused me of now
over the wide-eyed twenty year-old one
on any given day

but i still know
that one day these shenanigans will have to stop

the blurry bliss
leading toward torrential hangovers

the grand drunken party that i throw for myself
on a nightly basis

will have to cease

by choice
by doctor
by death

or when the world finally opens up its arms
to me

and looks like god


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