Thursday, October 10, 2013

poem of the day 10.10.13

black tranny on 4th avenue brooklyn

the black tranny was on
4th avenue again this morning

she was wearing a jean skirt
cut up to the crotch
high snakeskin heels
and a top that didn’t cover the belly ring

she was fixing her make-up
in the rearview mirror of some good citizen’s prius

some self-righteous voter
who probably has no clue
that there’s a black tranny
on 4th avenue sometimes

but i see her a lot

always in the morning
always seemingly on the go

i think she might be a prostitute
but i can’t be certain on that

she fooled me once on 5th avenue

it was early and i had a hangover
i saw this ass sauntering down the street
in a pink leather mini

and i thought, jesus christ, the world is full
of small miracles

it was sunday morning
and i almost believed in god

until she turned around
to fix her hair in a bodega window
and i saw that it was just the black tranny

but i didn’t mind
i’m a pretty liberal guy

not like most of the italian gorillas
in this neighborhood

sometimes when the black tranny
passes a group of these walking turds
they start laughing and slapping each other silly

a few give out catcalls
one in a jets hat called her a faggot

but the black tranny
just turned and smiled at them
with her mouthful of white teeth

she’s probably making a bundle
on those good old brooklyn boys
when their wives and girlfriends aren’t around

this morning i’m glad the black tranny
is on 4th avenue

even if she’s not with her
red-headed white tranny friend

it’s good to see her
out here mixing with the assholes
walking their dogs

the jerk-off dude-bros in business suits

the dumb american blonde girls
with their huge ice coffees, cell phones,
and bug-eyed starlet sunglasses

smiling and puckering her lips
as stressed out parents
drag their little brats to school

singing whitney houston songs
and shaking her little ass in the autumn sun

she gives this neighborhood some character

she saves us from being
as bland and dull
as your neighborhood is.

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Charlotte said...

Keeping it real. Good write!