Thursday, October 24, 2013

poem of the day 10.24.13

write through it

even if you are beaten
by the world

devoid of words

write through it

something could come of you yet

if you’re the type
who hates poems about being a poet
or having writer’s block

write through it

put it down and shove it in a drawer

no one has to know
that it exists until you are dead

there is no greater joy to you than getting it down
and you know that

so don’t sit there
looking at the weather and porn

worrying about the government
going into default

put down a sentence
because the government has always been full
of assholes

even if all of your old friends
have become republican jack-offs

who hate immigrants and gays
who claim their favorite book is the bible

there has to be a poem somewhere
in there

find it
and teach those lying hypocritical bastards
a lesson

remind them that you remember
when they used to beat their women
get drunk
and get head off of underage hookers

and it doesn’t matter
that you are coming down off scotch

bloated from beer and sodium

that the heart is racing
and the head feels like an anvil

that the job is an unforgivable noose

write through it

take a shit
hurl into the porcelain god

pour aspirin down your throat
call the doctor a fool

grab a cup of coffee or water
and swear you’ll never do it again

but then get back in there
face the machine

face the white void of computerized paper

call up all the demons from this cesspool life

put something down
for immortality sake

be your own hero
be your own god

you won’t regret it


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