Monday, November 18, 2013

poem of the day 11.18.13

dara smith’s ass

there was dara smith’s ass
right there on display in her kitchen
a minute before that
i was looking at baseball cards
with mitchell and dara’s sister viviane
when the two girls got into a fight
and viviane pulled dara’s sweatpants down
then there was her ass
dara smith’s thirteen year-old
held-back-twice-i’m-a-bitch ass
and no one went to pull her sweatpants up
not viviane
not mitchell
who covered his eyes
and kept saying, oh my god, oh my god
like seeing dara smith’s tight basketball playing
track and field running, swim team ass
was such a bad thing
dara didn’t even go to pull up her pants or cover her ass
she just leaned stomach-side against the wall
with her hands over her face, laughing
saying oh my god, oh my god too
i couldn’t help but look
even though i hated dara smith
because she was always calling me fat
and because she told all of the neighborhood kids
that ray ray and i were fags
and he and i were currently fighting over that
but an ass is an ass
i knew that at thirteen years-old
and even though this one belonged to dara smith
i was going to look for as long as i could
memorize it and maybe use it against her
when mrs. smith walked into the kitchen
and said, what in the hell is going on here?
before she pulled up dara’s sweatpants
and pulled viviane out of the kitchen by her hair
as mitchell and i
scared shitless
ran out into the february cold
catching our breath a half mile later
to talk about pitchers and catchers heading to florida
and how much we both still loved
miami vice.                                                       

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