Wednesday, November 20, 2013

poem of the day 11.20.13

girl in the black bra and panties

the girl in the black bra and panties
was trying to kill us

at least that’s what i thought

stuck in her room with the windows shut and the a/c on
while the girl in the black bra and panties
sprayed enough hair spray and perfume to fog the air

but calvin thought that he was going to get lucky

i had no clue where i was going to go while this happened
maybe downstairs to a well-lit and well-aired room

but calvin never got lucky despite his best attempts

today he spent the day playing frisbee at south park
with the girl in the black bra and panties

while i hung under a tree and read john rechy
because it was too hot to play frisbee
because i hate frisbee and knew i’d never make it
in america because i hated playing frisbee

but calving kept saying, come one, dude
like he needed me to help seal the deal

and when the girl in the black bra and panties
asked me what the novel was about
and i told her male hustlers and drag queens
she said, ewww, and gave calvin some kind of look
like we don’t need this guy for frisbee

but that still didn’t get me out of sitting in her bedroom
while the girl in the black bra and panties
murdered the ozone with hair spray and perfume

while she pranced around in next to nothing
mouthing mariah carey songs and leading calvin on
with cute little smiles

and hours later when we were on mt. washington
with a ton of other people who had
nothing better to do on a saturday night
but blast shitty music out the windows of shitty cars
and wait for the cops to shut it all down

and i was alone thinking about john rechy novels
trying to figure out some way out of pittsburgh

calvin came looking
for the girl in the black bra and panties
with a pack of dudes that we knew from high school in tow

a bunch of guys that we never liked anyway

who wouldn’t believe anything about him
and a girl in a black bra and panties

even if she took them off above the city lights
and threw them both in their faces with a laugh

i didn’t have the heart to tell calvin
that i saw her drive off with three black dudes

laughing, a pounder of iron city in her hand

her legs sticking out the passenger window
of a stark white car

hanging there like bronze temptation
another missed opportunity
in the warm, thick summer night


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