Tuesday, November 19, 2013

poem of the day 11.19.13

drunk on wine

drunk on wine
and going to buy more wine

because the second bottle broke against
the door frame

and sent a cascading stream
of blood red jesus juice
onto the white kitchen floor

under the refrigerator too

i watch the people along third avenue
gussied up for a saturday night

as if they were grotesque clowns
in this sick carnival of my failure

sneezing my calamity
strangled on their cheap perfume and cologne

cascading in the hopeless hope
of their carnal civility

i suddenly wish that i didn’t need another
bottle of red wine

i wish that i had been  more careful
and thorough in my plans

a better, more purposeful me

and that i never had to come out
amongst these glamorous
stinking swine

in the first place.


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