Thursday, November 21, 2013

poem of the day 11.21.13

a midsummer night’s sex romp (1993)

just nineteen
i sat on a bench with her in the dark
of a closed park

while colby did whatever to her friend
far off in the bushes

she said, i’m fifteen and if you touch me…

i said, relax

she said, i’m not like her
and pointed off toward
the rustling and laughter

i checked my watch and said, oaky

i’ll scream, she said, while her friend moaned

so will i

that made her laugh
but i’m still not going to, you know…

i put my hands under my ass
and said, i’m not even asking you to so…

i just wanted you to know


we sat there and watched
the pink night sky of the city
while the bushes laughed
and rustled in ecstasy

what time was it anyway? she said

i took my right hand out from under my ass
and checked my watch again
twelve-thirty, i said

great, great, she said
then she shouted at the bushes
come on already! curfew!

while i slapped out a cigarette and lit it

eewww, you smoke, she said,
waving away the blue cancer trail

only when i’m nervous, i joked

she looked around the dark landscape
at the one car we had parked
by the cracked fence

and said

what in the hell do you have
to be nervous about tonight
lover boy?




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