Monday, November 25, 2013

poem of the day 11.25.13


the workers at the adult group home
made cupcakes for the people at my job

chocolate cupcakes with yellow batter
but no one is eating them

everyone thinks the residents at the group home
made the cupcakes instead of the workers

maybe the guy who sits in here all day
and laughs at his own farts
or the one who screams for no reason
and throws books while slobbering on himself

they made the cupcakes
not the workers at the group home

there’s no fooling us on this one

so the cupcakes are going untouched
like the cupcakes from last year went untouched
until someone mercifully threw them away

it’s kind of sad, really

the workers at the group home made them for us
because of the pinhead who shits herself
because of the old man who won’t stop stroking his cock

it’s their way of saying thanks
for letting them come in here and read books
and kill an hour or two in the long day

thank you for putting up with them
and the glaring disparities of mankind

still, there are five chocolate cupcakes uneaten at my job
leprous confections in a realm where i once
watched someone lick a doughnut box dry

i got really upset thinking about the cupcakes
on my walk to work in the morning

i thought about how those residents
are somebody’s son or daughter
sister or brother or aunt or uncle

that they didn’t even make
the goddamned cupcakes anyway

i told myself that when i got to work
i was going to eat all of the cupcakes

every single one of them, all five

even though i don’t eat pastries
because they remind me of back when
i was young and fat and ridiculed

but when i got to work the cupcakes were gone

they were thrown away
the tin pan turned upside down in the garbage
with chocolate cupcakes scattered and smashed

our holiday tradition

so i went into my office and had an apple
like i do every morning

i told myself that next year
i was going to eat the cupcakes from the group  home
or whatever it is that they make us

if they make us anything

i told myself that i’d eat then all
until i was stuffed and satisfied

so full of myself
that i could hardly take another bite


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