Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"best of" poem of the day 01.29.14

state of the union

you must wonder
who in the hell do i think
i am
laying here on the bed
long, thin prick erect
a man who can
just turn
on a dime.
you tell me i’m crazy,
and when i stop brooding
and come to my
you say you were
only joking.
but it’s all right
if you weren’t.
it’s the times.
they’re making us
all go mad.
here, let me get you
a beer
and we’ll try to find
the sun
because my eyes
are getting bad
from the cheap red wine
and gallon scotch
and i’ve learned to
clockwatch at odd hours
because sleep has
become such blasphemy.
the usual shit
just ain’t doing it for me
and the new stuff costs
twice as much and is less fun.
let’s get a little nuts, shall we?
because i can tell
the health is failing
along with the economy
and the goodwill of the country.
who knows how much time
will be left
before the beer is gone, too.
so, dear, let’s take this
standing prick
this aluminum can
and let’s ride them to the horizon
before i go nuts again
and we both end up
spoon feeding each other
cheap corn syrup
straight from the assembly line
the assembly line
still reeking of our flesh
the oil
and the blood.


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