Friday, January 31, 2014

"best of" poem of the day 01.31.14

the chinese kid next door

the chinese kid next door
is a real pain in the ass

he doesn’t even really live next door
it’s his grandmother’s place

it’s like a russian march when he’s there

i’m convinced the little fucker
is flinging himself off the walls

the way they shake and crumble
the way my pictures of europe hang crookedly because of him

i’ve got swollen elbows from trying to give it back
my knuckles are black and blue from boxing with the plaster

when i knock on the door to complain
no one answers

they just get silent
start up again when they think i’ve calmed down

then he starts with the running and pounding
with rolling something across the floor
that makes my radio go to static

i think he has a tank parked in the living room

i can’t read when he’s over
i just sit on the couch and drink whiskey and watch basketball

plot what i’d do to him and his grandmother
if i ever got the chance

daydream body checking the little bastard
to the cold, marble floor
the next time we’re in the lobby together

give him a few kicks in the ribs for good measure
box grandma into a corner with a few good threats

but some good neighbor would most likely call the cops
although i’m convinced no jury in america would convict me
if they knew the true horror of this child

but these thoughts of violence and revenge are small comforts
against the noise this little piece of shit makes

the way he holds me captive
until grandma puts his rambunctious ass to bed

then settles in for the evening
with her music or television

which is also loud enough for us both to share.


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