Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Librarian week poem of the day 01.21.14


hipster whores
with the ass cheeks
showing a couple of brand new tramp stamps
infest this bar
take seats at the front
and shout at jeopardy on the television
trying to arouse
something in our thin row of drunks
they shout like queens
after all they’ve discovered this place
they’ve discovered us
we are a part of some hipster ritual in here
that is happening more and more these days
at least once a week now
these whores
with their thick glasses and tight pants
these whores or others like them
thinking they’ve found heaven
in the bowels of old man madness
and flat drafts of budweiser
thinking they’ve found “it.”
i wish jazzy jeff were here
to stumble off of his stool
and sling an arm around both of them
as he’s done the others
buy them a beer
and watch those hipster girls suck them down
before making a quick exit
back to wherever they came from
but jeff has already drank too much
and gone home
so these hipster whores will be
sticking around for final jeopardy
they’ll shout out the answer
slapping each other five
showing more bony, sexless ass crack
as the bartender takes three more of my dollars
with no buyback in sight
and john, with his one good tooth,
will try again at his hamburger
and onion rings
as he waits for wheel of fortune to come on
as this hour passes into another
that we’ll have to get through too.

The Librarian is my first novel.  It is available for purchase HERE

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