Wednesday, January 7, 2015

poem of the day 01.07.15


i don’t know how
we got on the topic of shoes
i think scott mentioned them
because he was wearing white shoes
therapeutic shoes for what i don’t remember
we were listening to serge chaloff before
i think we still were
this was before or after scott put on
the version of miles davis’ birth of the cool
without darn that dream fucking it up at the end
i stopped drinking two hours ago
and came into the living room to listen to music
in lieu of making conversation with anyone
but talking about shoes is all right
for a saturday night
at least it’s not talking about cancer
i showed scott my shoes
a pair of beaten-to-death gray vans
that i typically walk five miles a day in
i tell him that one foot wears an eleven
but the other foot is almost in a ten and a half
the result of an accident that i had when i was a kid
and i ran through a glass window
i fucked up a lot of tendons, i tell scott
but i think maybe he’s listening to the serge chaloff
or he’s still talking about putting out broadsides next year
i look at my shoes
my feet look normal when i’m in them
when the shoes are off i have one man-sized foot
and one foot that could almost be a child’s
i probably need some kind of cushion or a custom fit
but like most things in my life
i never bothered to get this fixed
when i look up scott has an otis redding album
ready to go on
otis blue/otis redding sings soul
he says that he has a poem about it
then he goes to get the poem
while ole man trouble starts on the record player
and i can’t help but tap my feet on the floor.


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